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Gigantic artichokes

This morning I woke up with some words pounding in a mysterious way into my head:

…there is not enough of this, there is not enough of that…
…shortage of this, shortage of that…

Why do I get the feeling that we are bombarded with the idea that this planet cannot cover everybody’s needs?
Why are we looking for resources outside Earth?
Why colonising Mars appears to be a logical solution?

“Tzoumerka mountains reporting to planet Earth:
There seems to be a gigantic formation of plants, something perhaps in this hard and unfriendly soil…

They look like artichokes, let’s taste them…
Oh my God, they are artichokes and they are delicious!
Planet Earth, there is hope!”

Searching for land – episode 1

…The way that you wander is the way that you choose,
The day that you tarry is the day that you lose.
Sunshine or thunder, a man will always wonder,
Where the fair wind blows…
The Ballad of Jeremiah Johnson

Searching for land is one of the most difficult tasks I’ve ever undertaken and I can assure you, I have undertaken some serious multi-specification with conflicting requirements tasks in my life. Mind you, that I used to be an engineer in the software industry for decades and anyone familiar with the field, knows what a mind crunching task it is to fit all possible requirements in a solution with the optimum results.
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The urge to move—Moving south (part 1)

The question is very simple and clear. Most of the times, we’ve been asked this question. Sometimes, especially in times of confusion, we ask this question to ourselves. A few years ago, we used to live a typical conventional life in the suburbs of a very nice town in the Netherlands.  We had steady jobs, a nice and spacious house with a little garden at the back, a luxurious family car,  the school for the kid was a good one, our health was secured by a premium insurance scheme and we could leave for holidays abroad at least twice a year. So the question is understandable: “Why did you leave?” Well, I’ll try to explain it in simple words, because the process itself of leaving was not simple at all. Read more

Elderflower refreshing lemonade – light sugar version

The first time I noticed the elder tree was when I lived in the Netherlands. It was a neighbourhood of row houses with landscaped back gardens where the elder shrub was in abundance. I admired the beauty of its flowers and enjoyed their aroma but it wasn’t until our switch to a chemical free life that I started appreciating its medicinal value. Folk tradition calls it the “full pharmacy” of nature due to its numerous curative and preventive properties. In this post, though, we are going to talk only about its enjoyable properties and not its medicinal ones.

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