We are a three-person family living in Greece for the time being. We started our journey of simple life hunting some years ago, chased away by the shenanigans of contemporary city living in which we actually spent a big part of our lives.

The father

Theofilo's photo_ovalHi! I am Theofilos and I was born in Greece, but I’ve lived abroad for almost a good fourth of my lifetime . During my more than forty years of age, I’ve led both conventional and unconventional life-styles on and off, condemning one over the other, as it usually goes. Lately, I try to unify and merge whatever I’ve learnt from all life-styles all the previous years, keeping the best parts and practices of each life-style as it is actually one life for each one of us on this planet and I stand on the premise that we’d better do the most out of it. My interests are diverse and ever-changing, but I happen to return again and again in some well-known but also contradictory fields like: gardening, computer and information technologies, plant recognition, nutrition, astronomy,  poetry and eastern philosophies & practices to name a few. Lately I’ve also dipped my hands into beer brewing, bee-keeping, Greek ethnic music, graphics design and photography. I’ve also done my fair share of travelling around the globe, visiting four continents with a different degree of engagement to each one of course.

As a host in this web-site, I aspire to share the previously acquired knowledge and skills, specifically the ones that contribute to a simpler and more essential way of living, the ones that can lift some burden off the shoulders and transform it to joy and fulfillment.

the mother

Andro_with_hat_ovalHello people!

I was born and raised in a coastal town in south Greece together with my sister by a couple of middle-class workers. The name “Andromachi” was given to me after my grandmother and not after the ancient Trojan queen, but I always preferred to believe the latter one. The struggle of my parents to raise their family their way, against the mainstream mentality of those days, had some impact on me. For example, my sister and I were the only children at school wearing hand made, designer clothes by our mother who mastered the skill of seamstress from the age of twelve. My educated father, on the other hand, couldn’t get what was considered a “good” and steady job as he refused to pull any strings and had the wrong political background. So he learned the craft of building houses and managed to become the boss of himself as a building contractor. Following their example, I came to believe that my way to independence would be through the education system. Without any questioning, I followed that path together with the majority of my generation. I did everything “right”: said goodbye to music lessons, got a university degree in Greek Philology with a specialisation in Linguistics, attended a master’s course in Computational Linguistics, while doing all kinds of part-time jobs to earn my living, continued learning a second and a third foreign language, went for search of a better career job in The Netherlands only to realise the hard reality of being an employee and that money didn’t give me the kind of independence I was after. Fortunately, I reached that realisation together with my life partner, so we both decided to make this turn and start a new path towards simplicity. This doesn’t mean less work, though. The goal is to be involved in every aspect of my life, like producing my food, making my clothes, a chemical free household with home-made soap, taking care of my health and well-being, producing music with my breath, educating my child, building a house with my hands, turning my life into my “job”…

So in this website, I’ll try to describe these efforts, my learning curve, my successes and failures from the point of a simple person and not a specialist. I hope to re-establish our confidence in living a full, creative and free life.

the daughter

Artemis' photo_ovalHi there!

I’m Artemis, but you’ll probably know me as Argie World. I am 13 years old, I live in Greece, where my parents and I recently moved. We lived for several years in the Netherlands and we came back to Greece when I was 10 years old. I love nature, making tree houses and drawing on paper and with my laptop. So I am becoming a graphics designer (in theory, at least) and my dad helps me a lot with this. I try to follow my parents to all their weird adventures and mindsets. The reason I decided to be involved in this website, is that  I wanted to narrate my side of the story, in particular how a kid experiences an alternative lifestyle. I hope you’ll enjoy my posts, reports and thoughts. 🙂