We welcome you to our website and our adventures while hunting a simple life! In this web site, we try to gather useful information which helps us progress in our goals.  You could expect to find reports of our attempts to simplify certain aspects of our lives. We are very fond of hands‑on knowledge and sharing this experience with others. In general, you can find useful techniques and a little bit of everything that is connected to our simple life hunting adventures in this turbulent era.

Simple life hunting In detail:

  • A little bit information about our purpose. Our “holy grail” in this struggle of ours in the section duly named “The quest” .
  • A day-by-day, week-by-week, month-by-month description of our efforts towards a simpler life in the section “The actual hunting”. Time frequency varies. And if you omit time from the equation, you can safely say that we describe the implementation of a custom-made simple life step-by-step.
  • In the “Our perspectives” section, the same articles as above, but grouped into sections based on each author of this site. That is a father having passed his years of middle-life-crisis, a mother reaching her middle-life-crisis any time soon now and a young teenager daughter following this whole craze with a light spirit. Every single one of us has his/her own unique story to tell.
  • Some background information about us and our aspirations regarding simple life hunting in the “About us” section.

So, click on the menu above for some structured navigation to this website and enjoy!